22 luglio 2016

Concerto in Scozia e Recensioni di Timeline

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Mentre prepariamo la valigia e accordiamo gli strumenti per il concerto di presentazione di “Timeline” in Scozia della settimana prossima ecco una bella recensione su Folk Words by Tim Carroll
“[…] powerful and encompassing intensity […]
Together, MacNeill and Diana have crafted an album that’s dazzling in its simple beauty and dramatic in its revelations. […]”
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Ed ecco quella apparsa su Liverpool Sound and Vision: 8.5/10

“[…] In the same way that The Beatles seemed to capture Life in Liverpool with songs such as Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and Eleanor Rigby, so too do Donald MacNeill and Roberto Diana capture the souls of those they document and put down with imagination touches, but at a more sedate, more homely pace which is both illuminating and life affirming. It is to know that we are remembered with perhaps fondness that makes the inevitability of the passing of our souls such a glorious and treasured moment.
[…] With tracks such as the beautiful My Mother Rode Her Motorbike, a stirring thought of memory of a loved one in her prime during the darkest days of World War Two, Man of the Land, the epitome of feelings of loneliness in Solitary Traveller, Tractor and the sincerity of Home is Where The Dog Is all leaving their mark on the passage of time, space and sometimes upsetting reminisce, Roberto Diana and Donald MacNeill have captured something a little unique and it is haunting and elegant in its delivery.

A cracking display of observation and listening, Timeline is an occasion for the soul to remember all that you have seen.”

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