Deus Ti Salvet Maria | 100K Spotify Streams

Today we celebrate a little nice result! 😊
A few years ago, I released my instrumental Weissenborn solo of the traditional Sardinian song “Deus ti Salvet Maria”.
Today has got 100.000+ streams on Spotify. 😊🎶

I play this song almost every concert and has seen different versions to every live.
I remember when I decided to make it a single. I was in a train station, somewhere in the middle of Scotland, I pulled out the Weissenborn from the custody and started playing it
I liked it, so I decided to play it live on the evening of the concert and I got excited.
I had to record it!
As soon as I had the chance to return to Sardinia I recorded it in my Raighes Factory studio
I made a single, printed in 50 hand-drawn copies that ended almost immediately.

The single you can listen to and find out here 

Or I’ll play it to one of my next concerts 😊🎶
Thank you for the support and warmth you give me every day.