Booking (Clubs/Promoter/Festival/House Concerts)

Are you a promoter, a club manager, festival organizer or simply want to organize a Roberto Diana’s concert ?

At first please download the pdf below.
– STAGE PLAN (pdf): Download S.P.
– EPK (pdf): Download Bio


The venue must be equipped to host an acoustic concert and possibly have an audience.
Roberto’s staff will provide all materials (posters, photos, flyers, videos and more …) to promote the event, and publicize through all his channels.
The promoter must use these materials and ensure the date is well advertised.
In case of entrance fee it will be evaluated together the amount and terms.
Contact us by E-mail to discuss details and organization.


Aimed at all those who want to organize a concert in the intimacy of their own house, eliminating the formalities of a show with a stage and lights and thereby creating a family atmosphere in which to share music and emotions. Both inside or outside (the living room or the garden) with a buffet at the beginning or at the end of the evening.

How to organize the event: Organizing the event is very simple and does not require nor a big commitment in terms of time, or in terms of money.
Just a house or a garden, a date and a group of people with whom share the concert.
Contact us by E-mail to discuss details and organization.


During the meeting it will discuss various topics including songwriting, recording and production, touring like independent artist – life “on the road” – and guitar techniques used in Roberto’s compositions.

The workshop is open to all musicians who want to deepen the topics related to “musician’s life” but also to non-musicians who want to have the opportunity to listen his compositions.
During the meeting it will alternate live music and questions about guitar techniques and Roberto’s instruments such as guitars, lap steel guitar, slide guitar, Weissenborn, etc..