Global Music Awards – Silver Medal Winner

Global Music Awards Silver Medal Winner Roberto Diana and Tri Nguyen Weissenborn and Dan Tranh Instrumental The Fourth Hour

We are happy to announce this award for the new single  The Fourth Hour – Roberto Diana, Tri Nguyen 

Our hard work starts to give something back.

I met Tri Nguyen during the Grammy Awards. We discovered that we have something in common.  We both love to search for new sounds and melodies being near to our roots.  We want to create something new and get Western and Asian cultures closer.

So, the Perosi Project is Born.

Often known for his beautiful Opere Sacre, Lorenzo Perosi wrote beautiful pieces that are less known.
Inspired by these melodies a Sardinian and a Vietnamese Musician mixed their traditions playing Weissenborn and Dan Tranh.

October 10th we are going to perform in Tortona (Lorenzo Perosi’s hometown).
You will hear the Perosi Project’ songs at the Ex. Cotonificio Dellepiane.
Can’t wait to be there and share some of our emotions.

Roberto Diana

Award winning Sardinian electro-acoustic stringed multi-instrumentalist songwriter, composer and performer.