Lovers and Thieves (single)

Pavia, July 16th 2011 The Gypsy Child tour came to an end last Saturday on a hot and sticky night in the lowlands of northern Italy. It has been a busy year for us. Criss-crossing Europe searching for some light in our darkness. We were lucky to play in clubs, theatres, festivals, pubs, castles, churches and jails. We played to 2 people and to 2000 people. We tried our best not to get in the way of the music that was coming through us. We gave it all?and then some more. It was an honor each and every time.
This is a good time to thank all those who helped us along the way, by inviting us to play a show, by giving us a place to stay, buying us a drink or getting up on stage with us, and a special thanks to all those who came to see us play, and often came back again, showing kindness and attention to all we did. It was never lost on us. You get restless when you realize the road you are on, and have been on for awhile, is ending. You know there is a new road somewhere, a new beginning?it?s always been that way. But you still can?t see it. All you have is the road travelled and all the choices that got you here, today. In the beginning, you set out, naked and pure, exploring the garden of Eden and then time and space and life all take their place and you are caught up in it all?you push, you pull, you run, you crawl?you try to follow light, or at least your idea of light. You step up to the flame?and burn?burn up with everything you care for. In the end, it all flows on and on. Music never stops and songs never die. On and on and on?it never stops
We?ll see ya further on up the road?this is no goodbye, no farewell Pirate smiles?.and no fear. That?s who we were and who we are.
You keep the songs, they were yours all along
With love & gratitude
See ya out there
PS: Here is a little gift for you?till next time: a demo of our most recent song that may or may not be on a future LOWLANDS record?recorded yesterday in Milan by our good friend Stefano Olla. Edward Abbiati on voice and rhythm guitar and Roberto Diana on lead guitar and percussion. Feel free to distribute.

Ecco il link per il Download: Click Here

Roberto Diana

Award winning Sardinian electro-acoustic stringed multi-instrumentalist songwriter, composer and performer.