Raighes Vol 1

Released March 13th 2017
Roberto Diana Raighes Vol 1

Roberto Diana – Raighes Vol 1

Raighes Vol 1 (Compact Disc)

° Rated as one of the best Instrumental album of 2012
° 12th Independent Music Award Nomination


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  • TITLE:  Raighes Vol 2

  • ARTIST: Roberto Diana

  • RELEASE DATE: March 13th 2017

  • GENRE: Mediterranean Folk Rock



Raighes (which means "roots" in Sardinian language) is a two part instrumental concept 

Rated as one of the best instrumental album of the year for the music magazines/webzines: Mescalina.it (IT), Buscadero (IT), 
Akustik Gitarren (DE), Guitar Club (IT), The Real Roots Café (NL) , R2 (UK) and others. 
The record was also nominated at the 12th Independent Music Awards (cat. Best Insrumental Album) 

"Whether we search for them or not, our roots exist and they keep us standing, often we hardly notice. 
They are the only thing that we will never leave us, whatever route we take, they push as forward, far away, towards the unknown, searching for new places, new souls, new sensations, but they also tie us to where our journey began. 
No matter how long our journey will be, how many stops we will make, or how difficult the road we choose to travel on, a part of us will always be right there, where we come from and where it all began"

released 03 September 2012 

Recorded and engineered at Acoustic Design Studio (Milano, Italy) 
by Stefano Olla & Roberto Diana 
additional recordings: Frantoio - Renilin studios (Cortale, Italy) 
by Antonio Notaro 

Mixed by Stefano Olla at Acoustic Design Studio (Milano, Italy) 

Mastered by Pietro Nobile at Acoustic Design Studio (Milano, Italy) 

Produced by Roberto Diana & Edward Abbiati 
addictional production by Stefano Olla