Relaxing Instrumental Music (Compilation 2018)

Relaxing Instrumental Music
Relaxing Instrumental Music (Compilation 2018)

Produced by Raighes Factory with Various Artists

In My Mind – Roberto Diana
Chin Mudra – Shanthi Yoga
Prayer – Acoustic Guitar Solo – Roberto Diana
Mountain Sunrise – Between the Dots
Breath – Shanthi Yoga
If you Are Happy – Marimba Cover – Jay Sager
Tu Alma – Between the Dots
Limbara’s Eye – Roberto Diana
Soul Hunter – Roberto Diana

Relaxing Instrumental Music
UPC : 1827849918926
Label: Raighes Factory
(P): 2018 Raighes Factory
(C): 2018 Raighes Factory
Release date: 03 Nov 2018
Genre(s): Instrumental, Relaxation
Catalog #: 1827849918926
Total tracks: 9



Roberto Diana

Award winning Sardinian electro-acoustic stringed multi-instrumentalist songwriter, composer and performer.